Bharat Fake News Kosh

India’s First Public Benchmark Dataset for Fake News Incidents

Welcome to Bharat Fake News Kosh

Welcome to BharatFakeNewsKosh, India’s first public benchmark dataset of fake news incidents in India, that comprises existing news with classification of news as fake and valid using the methods available to extract the data from existing and available online resources including fact check sites, social media feeds, news portals and many more.

The name of “BharatFakeNewsKosh” is made from four words – “Bharat” is a hindi word used for referring India; “Fake” means false; “News” refers to the information published or promoted digitally through any website, news portals, social media platforms, chat apps like whatsapp or any other digital platforms; and “Kosh” is a hindi word which means collection. The current scope of BharaFakeNewsKosh is to maintain a database of fake news incidents in regional or local Indian languages along with international languages as well. The database has been created purposefully to support the research and development of algorithms to classify the validity of the information with greater accuracy, consolidate existing news in a common database, to provide a platform for students, researchers, journalists, fact-checkers and other professionals to perform their analysis using this database.

This database will be kept updated with the current trends in the journalism world. This will also be used for the video or streaming news section as well as live feeds. All aspects of news ranging from politics, government, crime, science and technology, business and finance, foreign, religion, tourism, health and medicine are being covered and will include more domains in future.